About Me

I have been a freelance photographer in the Philadelphia area since 1981. I have worked in many areas of photography including location shooting for editorial, corporate and non-profits, documentary, and fine art. My interests include traditional street photography, portraits of all kinds, and photo illustration.

Tony’s work has appeared in shows at Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, Highwire, and Level 3 galleries as well as published in Photo Review, Sports Illustrated, Forbes, Philadelphia, and Smithsonian Magazines.

My work in photography covers a wide range of interests and techniques. Many of my images capture traditional ideas of beauty and show happy, “normal” people in their daily environments. As a freelance photographer, I am called upon to please people and make them look their best. I appreciate people’s need for “nice” pictures and I am happy to make a living providing this service.

When shooting for myself, I hope to show something more. I’m fascinated by people in all their shapes and sizes, ages and origins, attitudes and styles. How one holds one’s self, how posture and gesture convey one’s inner state, how a person dresses, and the subject’s environment—all are pieces of a story that create an impression, that invoke a mood, that leave us with a feeling about someone. Humanity is so vast and varied. I want to understand it all. Photography is a way for me to explore our world and say something about the people in it.

My passion has been to explore how light interacts with people in their environments. Light is often a centerpiece for me. I am endlessly intrigued by how light reveals surfaces, defines shapes and colors the world. Light and shadow, hidden and revealed, hard and soft; light is a playground of possibilities. I love to find light, create light and, with software, enhance the light I’ve captured.

Photoshop has been a game-changer for photographers. We can now target any tone or color to change, move, or remove. We can warp, paint, and layer our images into anything the mind can imagine. Through the technology of Photoshop, I have been exploring digital painting, collaging, and mixed media. One of my areas of interest and work is photo-illustration; drawing upon surrealism, cubism, cartoons, absurdism, Modigliani, film noir, horror, and pictorialism. I’ve been exploring the new options digital photography gives photographers to create texture, dimension, light, and color. All images are made from several photographs using digital tools to exaggerate, distort, and enhance texture, color, light, and shapes for emotional impact.

I love teaching photography. Teaching gives me the excuse to dive ever deeper into this endless topic. I’ve been teaching since the early ‘90s, and there are always new things to learn and new dimensions of photography to explore. I love sharing this passion with my students. I love the challenge of looking at the big picture and then breaking it down to the most basic elements of a photograph. What are the pieces of a photograph and how do you put them together to create a coherent and wonderful visual statement? Putting my passion into words and guiding my students through the big picture to the basics has been very rewarding for me. I learn more and more with every class I teach.

Brief Client List

Corporate: Google, Pennco, First Union, Tasty Baking Company, Oscar Meyer, Motorola, General Motors, USAA, Reliance Insurance,

Shared Medical Systems, CBRE, The Conference Board, Hodgson Design, Murphy Design, Davis Advertising

Media: Forbes, Sports Illustrated, Philadelphia Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, Intertec Publishing,

Financial Advisers, Black Enterprise, Business Week, Penn Gazette

Nonprofits: Temple University, University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, Horizon House,

United Way, The Franklyn Institute, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Boy Scouts of America,

Calcutta House, Philabundance, Witnesses to Hunger, WHYY